Episode 02 - Fearow Failure! (or, Professor Sneaze Is Here for Moral Support)

Join the trio as they learn from experience the dangers of Pokemon in the forest, and, as they encounter the impressive Fearow Corps!  But this is no ordinary meeting, for they receive a mission, and maybe make a friend along the way.  They're well on their way to becoming great Pokemon Trainers!

Chartreuse (Charlie) Pine - played by Paul

Lilian[a] Shadowgarden - played by Lydia

Professor Rudimentus Sneaze - played by Michael

And our Game Master - Nick

Theme Music "Electric Donkey Muscles" by RoccoW.  Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Our "Donate" link is now up and running!  Thanks to everyone who asked about it!

SFX from http://www.freesound.org/people/vedas/sounds/175381/