Episode 23 - Bear Baiting! (or, You're Totally Not Gonna Do Bad Stuff with Me)

Charlie's back, so the trainers venture toward Trilithon Sanctuary.  Will they make it?  No, of course not! because this time they come across a trainer who has lost his friend, and is worried about her.  So they help him search for her through some dangerous territory, learning one valuable lesson: Friendship Is Ma...wait, no, they probably don't learn anything....

The cast:

Chartreuse (Charlie) Pine - played by Paul

Lillianna Shadowgarden - played by Lydia

Professor Rudimentus Sneaze - played by Michael

And our Game Master - Nick

Special Guest Etbar Jomad - played by Ethan

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Theme Music "Electric Donkey Muscles" by RoccoW.  Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Battle Music by Visager.  Used under an Attribution License.