To Be the Very Best: A Pokemon Fiasco Playset

When the GM is away, the players will...have a Fiasco.

Fiasco is a GM-less RPG by Bully Pulpit Games, having won a number of awards in gaming since 2009.  When the players of Pokemon Rollout! were left without their GM, they decided to give it a try!

If you listen to the latest episodes of Pokemon Rollout! you'll see how much fun Paul, Michael, and Lydia had with this playset - an original written (sort of) by Michael.  And now it's available for you to give it a try!  Click the button below to access the playset, grab 2-4 friends to play with you, and get yourselves into a Pokemon-themed Fiasco!

Please note: the core rules for Fiasco can be purchased from Bully Pulpit Games, in either print or digital formats by going here.

Happy rolling!