A Borrowed Man, by Gene Wolfe/The MacAllan Fine Oak Triple Cask Matured 10-yr

Michael & Ethan crack into A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe while drinking a Highland single malt.  None of it's not pretty.  In this episode:

  • They slow down, as requested.
  • A couple alternate titles for the podcast are thrown around.
  • Ethan is a completionist most of the time.
  • Ethan agrees but disagrees.  Michael disagrees but agrees.
  • Gene Wolfe treats us like dogs.
  • Michael makes Ethan hate him.
  • Michael dies.
  • Next time: Ethan maybe solves some of the actual mystery.

As promised, you can read the Neil Gaiman article they mentioned here.

In two weeks they'll conclude their analysis of A Borrowed Man, and next month they'll be reading and discussing A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.  Join the discussion!  Go to the Contact page and put "Scotch Talk" in the Subject line.  We'd love to hear from you!

Next month, we'll read and discuss .  Read along, and tell us what you think!

Your Hosts: Michael G. Lilienthal (@mglilienthal) and

Ethan Bartlett (@bjartlett)

"Kessy Swings Endless - (ID 349)" by Lobo Loco.  Used by permission.

"The Grim Reaper - II Presto" by Aitua.  Used under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.