Michael & Ethan in a Room with Scotch Shakespeare Fest Special 2017

It's the Tapestry Radio Network Shakespeare Festival!  Enjoy Michael & Ethan's discussion of Shakespeare's As You Like It, even if the episode doesn't live up to the name of the podcast.

In this episode:

  • They're not in a room, or with scotch. :(
  • Michael raises controversial opinions about this play, and their opposites.
  • Ethan lists possible subtitles for the play.
  • Ethan is not a Shakespeare scholar.
  • We get the reference for "To be or not to be" wrong....  Sorry.
  • The plot is unnecessary.
  • Michael didn't want to regurgitate anybody.
  • Ethan's wife is far superior to him.
  • Michael's analysis: This is the Adult Swim of Shakespeare plays.
  • There's a little bit of high-pitched giggling.
  • Ethan apologizes for technology, his wife, and himself.

Ratings at 1:09:27.

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Next month, we'll read and discuss Plainsong by Kent Haruf.  Read along, and tell us what you think!

Your Hosts: Michael G. Lilienthal (@mglilienthal) and

Ethan Bartlett (@bjartlett)

"Kessy Swings Endless - (ID 349)" by Lobo Loco.  Used by permission.

“Camille Saint Saens – Carnaval des animaux – XII Fossiles” by Aitua. Used under an Attribution-ShareAlike License.